Lecia Bianca Clay was born and raised in Essex County. She always had a passion for fashion and extraordinary style. She decided to take on the Big Apple, and study at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology. While studying at Fashion Institute of Technology, she was awarded the opportunity to travel to Europe learning the import, and export business in London, Florence, Paris, and Rome. After graduating with an applied science, and bachelor degree she then began working as a buyer for Bonwit Tellers, in New York City. Traveling the world buying not only jewelry, but other luxury items, Lecia soon became top buyer, and began winning awards year after year, and was one of the most sought after international buyers of all times. Because of that passion, she decided to build a career as an entrepreneur. 

Now as a certified, and expert jeweler, she opened a jewelry galleria full of jewels and accessories by Lecia Bianca. She now has a newly designed showroom called Lecia Bianca Jewels which has won the award for Business Development & Design, in the cities of Bloomfield, Glenridge, and Belleville, New Jersey. 

As the founder of Women That Win Foundation, Lecia realized after experiencing a major break up of 17 years that she had nowhere to go for help. She quickly found out that working, successful women are looked down upon when in need of free assistance. Women That Win Foundation will be the force behind professional, and successful women in the struggles of life. Together we will stand strong, and come out Winners!


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