Diana McCray

Diana McCray is a co-founder of DAP Media Group, LLC. Her responsibility includes web design and brand development a for the company. She is also a highly skilled marketing and communications specialist with 15+ years in PR and Marketing. She has a special interest in personal branding and helping others to create their signature brand on the digital landscape. She previously owned a public relations and marketing company that focused on the entertainment industry in New York where she provided marketing and PR for entertainers. Currently, Diana uses her skills to help clients with online marketing and media using digital platforms. She has a BS from Boston University, graduate certificate from Women in business management program and loves film and entertainment.

Patricia Rivera

Patricia Rivera is a Co-Founder DAP Media Group, LLC. a woman owned digital media/production company focused on diverse brands and telling stories that influence and create change. Patricia has 25 years of business development experience and 15 years of media experience with traditional and non-traditional Media outlets. She is a speaker, co- author and has managed a talent/modeling agency. Patricia is a social media expert and marketing specialist. As an advocate for change Patricia spends her time mentoring millennial film students and women to speak their truth by telling their stories and empowering others to live purposeful lives. She continues to ask “How can I make a positive impact”? Radio, TV, and Film are her passion.

Philip Hernandez

Philip Hernandez is a writer specializing in the media & entertainment field. He is the Creative Director for Black Talent TV, a subsidiary of DAP Media Group. Philip is a graduate of SUNY New Paltz with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism/Public Relations. On top of writing, Philip is also a huge fan of web series & short films–they are the central focus of the articles he writes.